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Malta Mondays #40

Malta Mondays 40 October 2, 2017 Nope. The Eiffel Tower has not moved to Malta. :-D But Kathryn sent this beautiful photo from her trip this week and I had to share it. She and her classmates had an excellent trip to Normandy and Paris and have safely returned to school so we [...]

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Malta Mondays #38

Malta Mondays 38 September 18, 2017 Hundreds of Maltese heard the gospel this week through the Love Malta festival outreaches led by Life Light Ministries and Reid Saunders Ministries. This huge undertaking was led by some of our local Great Commission Christian partners and many local believers from various evangelical churches participated. I [...]

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Malta Mondays #37

Malta Mondays 37 September 11, 2017 I guess I will never hear or type the words September 11th without remembering 9-11 and praying for the millions whose lives were affected that day. And of course we have been hearing about the hurricane and all the major devastation. I know a number of you [...]

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September 2017 Prayer Requests

Monthly Prayer Requests September 1-7 Hajj to Mecca – Pray for Jesus to show himself in dreams and visions to Mus. pilgrims as millions journey to Saudi Arabia from 30 Aug. to 4 Sept. Pray for the salvation of them and their families. Floods – As devastating floods hit the U.S., pray the Church will [...]

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Malta Mondays #36

Malta Mondays 36 September 4th, 2017 Dear Pray-ers, Happy Labor Day to our American friends! And wow, so many International prayer needs to lift up this week with the flooding in Bangladesh and Texas, the North Korea tensions, and the violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar. It's a reminder to keep our eyes fixed [...]

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Malta Mondays 33

Malta Mondays 33 August 14, 2017 Thanks to technology I've set this up in advance to just remind you to pray for the Pinkstons this week as we are in London. Earl's mother is joining us for a week of family vacation as we are do some fun tourist activities and enjoy time with each [...]

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July Update / INDIA Opportunity

Hello friends! I'm excited to give you family and ministry updates, and to invite you to be a part what God's doing in India again this year. Check out the attached video and section on "INDIA" below for more information! INDIA THE NEED India has over a billion people, and it is home to 1/3 [...]

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Making Disciples – One at a Time

Identity. It’s becoming an allusive word. Are you sure of your identity? Are you sure about who you are? In our post-Christian era, some individuals do not even “own their gender identity”. We live in desperate times. People need desperately to hear the truth. The truth is, our idenity is not based as much on [...]

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Malta Mondays 31

Malta Mondays 31 July 31, 2017 Less than a week until the Int’l Day of Prayer for the Maltese Islands! I’ll be sending it out one more time right before as I know the days sometimes slip by quickly! Do please pray for the preparation involved and that the Holy Spirit will prompt many to [...]

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