What if…Leads to Unique Opportunity
What if we install WiFi in this outdoor cafe, one pastor asks me. Many young people are looking for places that have WiFi. We can also use this place for discipleship and training. With this, the Garden Cafe was born.

The workers with a Greater Purpose
As we began this project, the local shepherd interviewed several people before finding 2 young men who had a desire to serve and learn. This would not be a regular job of serving coffee and using their green thumb only. Here they will be trained how to share their faith and make disciples with the guests as they are doing their everyday tasks (Matt 28:18-20).
They met for weekly studies and showed a desire to build positive relationships and connections with the guests.
Then the manager got a painter to come spruce up the walls and bring the cafe to life. The manager, who is a bi-vocational pastor, shared about the Savior with the painters. One of them showed interest. When one of the workers decided to resign, it was all part of the Good Father’s plan. The painter, who has already worked at a cafe like this, took his place. More importantly he decided to be a Follower!

God uses our talents
This brother who decided to follow is gifted at talking to others and being social with all. Here he is building a relationship with students at a nearby mslm boarding school. By the Father’s good grace alone would they come to a place owned by a local fellowship that is different with their beliefs.

Pray with us for the continued development and usage of this place for the glory of His Name among all who come to visit.

Pioneers on the Team
In addition to the pioneering work at the garden cafe, we have a couple here partnering with us for a month. They arrived Jan 11 and are already getting to work! Age is no excuse for these 2 in their 70s. They will be helping us visit more patients in the hospital, pray for the staff, expand the network of people we have contact and work with in area villages and cities, along with fixing up a guesthouse.
Please pray they stay healthy, strong, and are faithful with all the opportunities God provides.

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