Malta Mondays 3
January 15, 2018

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day for our American friends!
1.) We learned this week that our colleagues, Nick and Shannan Copland, have felt led to take a pastoral position in California so sadly they will not be coming back to work in Malta. We are sorry to hear that but wish them the very best as they take the lead in a church planting opportunity there in the USA.

2.) The Wednesday Walkers group went well this past week and we plan to meet again this week. Also the Women’s Fellowship was a real blessing and the new English service too. There are some terrific people out there! Appreciate prayers for these groups and Knisja Evangelika Battista and the Bormla group.

3.) This past Saturday we had our first workday on the Inspire Mosaic project I am coordinating. It was a “smashing success”- pun intended- 😀 as we broke the collected recycled cermaics, porcelains, and tiles into small pieces and sorted them by color. This week we will have a training about working with kids with disabilities and we will begin the mosaics. Please pray that we would have a few more children sign up to participate. People do not like to commit to coming to things ahead of time. Also appreciate prayers that we would boldly take every opportunity we can to share our faith during this process.

Kids Korner: Kathryn has EXAMS this week so I’m sure she would appreciate some extra prayer. Thomas will be having his in February so he’s got a lot of extra study to do too. Nathan and Thomas (and Earl!) were fabulous helpers during the Mosaic project day. It’s great to have such a supportive family! Nathan had a bit of a setback and a stress seizure this week so pray for him to continue to improve. Thanks.

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