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January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! We get to start the new year by announcing that our newest Team Malta member arrived safely! Aria Celine Copland was born December 27th at 12:34 am! We are so thankful she is here safely and send our love and congratulations to Nick, Shannan, and Evi! Can’t wait to meet her!! 😀

1.) It has been a wonderful Christmas week with loads of fun, food, laughter, visitors, and games. Our family Monopoly game is down to Thomas and Kathryn so the ultimate winner is still pending… 😀 This week we still have more visits and visitors but we also have a load of work to catch up on so we’ll have to get back to some of that. Appreciate prayers for rich deep conversations.

2.) Tomorrow the Inspire CRPD (Commission for the Rights of People with Disabilities) Mosaic project will officially start. I would appreciate your prayers for this very involved project that I am organizing. When you are in charge, you feel the pressure so ask that I will keep rolling it back onto the Lord’s shoulders and not take it out on my family. This first two weeks we will be gathering the ceramics and porcelains and taking applications for participants and volunteers.

3.) As most people do we’ve thought of some New Year resolutions and one of them is helping the boys with their daily quiet times and Scripture memory. Also Earl would like prayers that he would have more regular study time, not just devotional reading. I think for me it is once again trying to discern the best use of time and not becoming overcommitted as I tend to do. I plan to talk with Kathryn about her goals later this week. How about you? Have you prayed about what old habits need to continue and stop? And what new habits need to be formed? What are your priorities for 2018? I pray that you will first seek to stay on God’s path for your life, or get on it if you’ve taken a side road. 😀 Free preaching… 😀

Kids Korner: One more week with Kathryn here! She leaves early Sunday morning so please pray for her return trip to go smoothly even though she’s a professional traveler now. 😀 It’s been GREAT to have them back together again!

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