Monthly Prayer Requests

January 1-7

  • Ummeed CP and Leadership Development – At the end of 2017 we got the final numbers. We praise God that over 1,200 people were equipped and 364 new house ch were started. Praise God with us for more than 3,000 new believers from majority background. Pray for their deep and solid discipleship and multiplication.
  • Potential 10/40 co-workers (K, S, A/C, S/A, B/R, A/S, M/J, K/M) – Please pray for wisdom as we seek to understand who to add to the organization as far as personnel. Pray for clarity and peace and boldness and inspiration and God’s timing and resources. If you are one of those people, we and others are also praying for you!
  • Candy Canes from December – Praise God that we were able to distribute so many candy canes, bookmarks, and SD cards filled with media (video, audio, and pdf resources in Thai). Pray that these simple tools will spark interest and draw people to Jesus.
  • Thai Translation of VFV – This month Voice for the Voiceless will be translated into Thai. Pray for the translator(s), not only for the linguistic aspects, but also the technical graphics and printing side.
  • Personal – Joeli turns TEN on 4 Jan. We are so blessed by this girl God has loaned us. Please pray the Aaronic blessing over her today, “May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you.” Pray Joeli will continue to grow to be full of grace and truth.

January 8-14

  • New Network – This week we gather with a couple hundred like-minded leaders working in SE Asia. Pray for insight, God’s right connections, and wisdom and discernment.
  • 10/40 CP Leader “M” – This week marks a sad, yet freeing time in her life. Pray for her physical protection and for her to become free of legal entanglements.
  • Voice for the Voiceless – We have also received 2017 year-end numbers from VFV and we are again encouraged. 37 trainings within Nepal reached over 2,500 women. We also know of at least 2 babies that were NOT aborted because of the VFV trainings. Please pray for the best way to maintain and expand in 2018.
  • Cataract Clinics – This week more than 50 people will receive sight through our cataract clinic in North India. Last month 180 people got an eye exam and 61 received cataract surgery. Pray for the doctors, medical staff, ch planters who follow up, and the villagers who can now see. May their hearts also open to the light of the Gospel.
  • Personal – Pray for L as she seeks to start a discipleship group for Joeli and a few of her friends.

January 15-21

  • Ballia School Construction – Thanks to the generosity of so many of you in 2017, the Ballia school began construction again on 22 Dec. Within a few months more than 500 children will have a completed school.
  • Mr. M.D. – This businessman lives across the street from us. His wife has passed away, his daughter is a Christian, but he is not. We have had a few deeper conversations. Pray for his heart to open to God’s love very soon.
  • TraffickStop Home in Nepal – Construction continues and should be complete in the next 5 months of the safe home/training center. Pray for safety during construction and for the salvation of the construction workers.
  • VFV in Thailand – This month we teach VFV here in Thailand for the first two times. Pray for the participants to understand and grow in their love for Jesus. Pray they will all have pure and healthy relationships.
  • Personal – For a different and very practical kind of prayer matter, in our home we occasionally have a disgusting smell that permeates. Sometimes everything smells fine, but often it is NOT fine. Please pray for some resolution to this situation. Thank you!

January 22-31

  • Contacting with a New UPG – This month we will try again to set up a date and time to meet with hc leaders of a huge UPG (18+ million) in a nearby nation. Pray that the doors will open in God’s timing.
    · Completed Our eBook… Saving Face and All the Rest – We just completed this eBook in December and we will release it in 2018. Pray that many Christians would be equipped and that thousands of Asian atheists would come to know Christ.
  • New School Among UPG in Pak – Last month we requested prayer for community acceptance. Praise, tribal leaders have given a plot of land and agreed that a school should be built. This month additional negotiations will take place before the two-room mudbrick structure will go up. Pray for continued grace and a growing excitement for this school – the only one in a 40-mile radius.
  • Personal – This year we each chose words to define our year. Phoebe – Believe. Eden – Brave. Joeli – Strong. L – Fire. C – Wind. Please pray this will be a new year filled with Holy Spirit anointing, refinement, led by the Spirit, courage and belief in God’s miracles
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