Malta Mondays 52
December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas dear friends! Praying you have a blessed day as you celebrate our Saviour’s birth!

1.) It’s been another awesome week of celebrating and sharing the Good News through the Christmas story. We gathered with Earl’s friends at the Bormla Centre for Disabilities, at a friend’s organ and Christmas carol service, with my Wednesday Walker friends (yes, on Thursday this week… :-D), with a new friend I met through my volunteer work, with friends as we traveled over to Gozo to visit the Live Nativity, and with brothers and sisters in Christ at church Sunday morning and then with about 40 people at a Christmas Eve fellowship. Please do pray that those who heard the gospel story will understand and seek Truth this coming week!

2.) Today we have begun celebrating with a good friend over and we’ve been playing our new old-style Atari system – I’m so terrible at it but that makes it fun to play against me… 😀 We plan to enjoy some good family time these next few days and we also have a number of friends coming over. Pray for our home to be full of rich spiritual conversations!

3.) We’ll also have a New Year’s Eve fellowship next week. Lift up our colleagues the Coplands as their second daughter is due in the next two weeks. Pray she will arrive safely and full of health! Thanks so much for being a part of Team Malta! Blessings!!

Kids Korner: Wow, it is so sweet to have the kids back together! They have generally been enjoying each other and laughing and playing together- best Christmas present for parents! I’ve been so thankful for them as they have jumped in and helped with food distribution and fellowships and the disability centre etc. Thank you Lord for our kids!!

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