Malta Mondays 51
December 18, 2017

Merry Christmas week!!! Here’s a snapshot of our Christmas drama practice this Sunday. Sweet kiddos!

NOW it feels like Christmas since KATHRYN IS HOME! Hooray! We are all happy to have her back for a few weeks. It’s been a super full week again but full of great moments that make me super thankful. We’ve had a bit of a surprise wedding today for a couple from a Mslm country who were legally married in their home country but wanted to have a Christian service too. We’ve also had a pastors and wives meeting today.
Earl is at the Centre for Disabilities in Bormla tonight and then Wednesday night we’ll all go for their program they’ve been preparing. Tomorrow night we hope to go hear our friend playing the organ in the Anglican church in Valletta. Thursday morning our Wednesday Walkers group is having a party at my house to celebrate Christmas. Friday I’m having lunch with a lady I met at the recent CRPD conference so I’m praying for an open door with her to share my faith. Saturday we are going over to the Live Nativity in Gozo with some church friends where I also get to meet up with a lady in Gozo that I will be working with on the Mosaic project. Sunday morning the kids are taking place in a small drama and doing handbells and Sunday evening we are hosting a party for folks on Christmas Eve. So while it is a full week and there is still plenty of work to be done, we are also really happy to have so many terrific opportunities to shine for Him and share our love with others.
Realizing that this is a very difficult time for many people as they miss loved ones or feel alone or disconnected, please pray for us to be sensitive to anyone we can reach out to and include. Also we had a discussion about prodigals at the meeting today and prayed that this would be the year that many “prodigals” return to the faith they once professed. Amen!

Kids Korner: While we are all glad Kathryn is home, I believe Nathan is the most thrilled, even though he has had to give her room back… 😀 We are looking forward to hearing all about her last few months. Thomas has school until Friday although admittedly it is also quite full of outings and fun activities too. It’s great to hear them laughing and playing and enjoying one another!

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