Malta Mondays 50
December 11, 2017

I am sure that many of you are finding loads of extra activities and events as the Christmas season is in full swing. I pray that you are able to enjoy each moment instead of just surviving… 😀 I had one such moment this week and stopped and asked God to give me a little perspective.

It’s been another FULL but wonderful week and as I said, mostly I enjoyed each event, but I am glad to have had some down time today as I took a surprise coffee with a friend I met in the grocery and just enjoyed some laughter with her. It’s lovely to have Christian sisters/ friends! Tomorrow evening we are also gathering together to watch a Christmas film and just have some “down time” together. The various meetings and events all went well and my prayer at each one was that we would have the conversations God had for us. Earl and I both had some “divine appointments” with folks and it is just so encouraging when you can see how God is guiding your steps and putting you where He wants you to be!
The first service of the new English outreach effort went very well with 17 attending (3 kids). We will be discussing this with the pastors next week and hope to continue it in the new year. The Mosaic Project has taken off and at several of the other appointments we had this week I made connections with folks interested to help. Earl was also very sweet to help me run around collecting broken tiles and seeing the building we’ll be using. We also had some amazing opportunities to be a witness for Christ with people who just do not know Him at all. Please keep praying that they will thirst to know Him more!
Thomas just came in after successfully picking up his Maltese ID card so that is a praise! Now in the next two weeks while Kathryn is home we will be applying for our renewed visas, so we’d appreciate your prayers that it goes smoothly too. Tonight we have an invitation to the Castille (which is sort of like the White House here) for a fundraiser with one of the charities I volunteer with, so we are again praying that God will prepare the conversations and that we’ll be bold to share.

Kids Korner: “Nannu” (Grandfather) Nathan did a fantastic job at his school drama- he has a really good voice! He finishes school on the 15th so he’s almost done, especially since this Wednesday is a public holiday- 13th Dec is Republic Day which commemorates when Malta become a Republic in 1974. Thomas has to keep going until the 22nd but he has a number of special activities, so I think he’ll be ok. 😀 Kathryn finishes this week and will be TRAVELING HOME on Saturday!! Hooray! Please do pray that she will not be caught by the snow/ weather and will have smooth, safe travel as she is traveling by herself. Thanks!

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