Malta Mondays 49
December 4, 2017

This is the Week of Prayer for Int’l Missions for the Int’l Mission Board in America. Visit to see videos and read prayer requests and find out more and please do consider giving so that people like us can stay serving the Lord around the world! Thank you!

1.) I am so glad to say that the Australian family arrived safely and we are looking forward to get to know them even better in the coming days. The Party for Jesus went really well with around 25 kids and most of them had parents come stay too. I was especially glad to have my neighbor and her son there and also a friend from Nathan’s school with two boys. They heard the gospel story along with the Christmas story so pray that it will just keep resonating in their little hearts and minds- and their parent’s lives too! We also had a Sunday School teacher’s meal after church at our house and we prayed and planned for the coming year. It is wonderful that we have more participants now and we are working on doing a better job of training and equipping others.

2.) Last Friday I had the opportunity to sit in on a conference that was happening here this week for Christian women from closed countries. What a blessing that was! There was a great reminder given that sometimes we look and see all that still needs to be done when sometimes we need to look back and remember where we’ve come from. God is at work! His timing is perfect!

This Thursday Earl and I will celebrate 21 years of marriage! Time flies when you are having fun… 😀 I am so grateful for God’s provision and protection on our marriage and I am looking forward to our date day as we celebrate. Love you Earl!

This week I also have a conference with the Commission for the Rights of People with Disabilities (whom I am working with on the art project in Jan/ Feb) and another meeting regarding the art installation. I’ve also begun going around to various stores to ask them for broken porcelain and ceramic pieces for the mosaic we will be doing later. I had a really great conversation with the son of the owner of one of the shops as we were waiting for the owner and I was able to witness a bit and encourage him to be an involved dad and loving husband.

Earl is a “Civilian liaison” now for the USA embassy in Malta so we have a reception with them as well as a reception with the Vitals Global Health Care group Robin has been working with regarding epilepsy. Earl has been meeting with several men and the Bormla group is helping at the Center for Disabilities and practicing for their upcoming Christmas program. They are so excited!

3.) Saturday afternoon we are going to begin an English language service meeting at our church. This is in response to a felt need as the number of internationals in Malta is drastically increasing. Pray for the core group of folks pitching in to this initiative and ask that we will all listen and seek God’s will each step of the way.

Kids Korner: I was really missing Kathryn today- she comes home on the 16th so NOT TOO MUCH LONGER! Thomas and Nathan were both a big help again with the Party for Jesus. I’m so blessed that they genuinely seem to enjoy helping with things like this. Nathan has his school drama tomorrow at a theatre- he’s a grandfather! And this Sunday after church is his school fair so we’ll be helping out with that too.

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