Monthly Prayer Requests

November 1-7
Four New Wells – Praise God with us that this month 4 new water wells will be installed in North India, bringing clean water to more than 2,000 people and building the reputations of a handful of church planters.
Voice for the Voiceless – During a training of 40 women, in the recovery prayer session, one mature woman leader started crying and speaking in the Holy Spirit. First, she prayed for forgiveness and suddenly, she started to say that “There are some leaders and women in the hall involved in the sin of abortion; God is saying to repent and return to Him.” So, many of the women wept and repented their sin of abortion. – from our 10/40 Nepali partner
Sewing Center in Pak – Praise God with us for the challenge of generosity. When local Pak Christians received 3 sewing machines as a gift, they decided to purchase 2 more from local funds to make their new sewing center more complete.
Ummeed Planting and Leadership Development – Praise God with us for the initial sample of demographic research examining the depth and breadth of 10/40’s church planting efforts. In one area of one state, we have evidence of 5 generations of house churches, including 119 house churches, 2,800 baptized, and 5,000 attending. Pray for more people groups and continued deep growth.
Personal – L celebrates her birthday in Thailand on 9 November. Pray a blessing of deeper intimacy with Jesus for this next year!

November 8-14
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted – If your church missed it on 5 Nov., you can still remember the persecuted church and pray alongside millions of Christians on 12 Nov. Click here to find videos and other prayer resources to mobilize hearts and minds.
Nepal National Anti-Conversion Law – In October the president of Nepal signed a law outlawing evangelism. Pray for all Christians in Nepal who boldly share the Good News. Pray that this law, like many others will NOT be implemented in any way in any location. Read more here.
Persecution in India – In the last two weeks of October, 14 cases of religious persecution took place across 8 states of India. Christians in India are seeing greater restrictions and threats. Please pray for open hearts (and/or blinded eyes of those who oppose the good work). To read more.
Personal – As we adjust back to life in Thailand, please pray for our family to get into a healthy rhythm of school/work, ministry, play, and rest.

November 15-21
Mobile Seminary in Pak – Recently, teams of students from the mobile seminary went out for some practice “story-telling.” They came back encouraged in some ways and also discouraged. They found only a 30% positive response among men, but a 70% positive response among women. Many of the men were “distracted,” but so many women said, “Tell me more.” Pray for more and fruitful outreaches.
10/40 Matching Grant – We now have a $50,000 matching grant thanks to generous donors. Donate now and your gift will be doubled! Who doesn’t like knowing that?! Please pray for God’s finances to flow freely.
Terrible Air in Delhi – Please pray for clean air in Delhi. Pollution, smog, and fires are combining to make it thoroughly detrimental to heath. The millions of Delhi citizens (and our partners specifically) need to breath much easier.
Personal – Phoebe celebrates her 4th birthday on 21 November. Please pray God will anoint her mouth with clear speech! Pray for the salvation of her biological mom and dad.

November 22-30
Ballia School Funds Raised! – Last month we requested prayer for the remaining $23,000 to complete a school construction in North India. Praise God with us that these funds have now been raised, and soon the construction will start churning again. This school which currently has 365 students will soon have over 500 with access to education (and Jesus).
Arise Home – Please pray for 2 of the 22 girls who still have ongoing court cases against those who abused them. Kaj and Sun are “lively and tough-minded” young ladies, but the Indian justice system is a slow, creeping process and at least one perpetrator has “absconded” (run away).
Cataract Clinics – At the end of this month, the next cataract clinic will take place in Orissa, India. Pray for good weather, open hearts to the Gospel, and successful surgeries.
Thanksgiving in the US and Harvest Celebrations in Thailand – Celebrate with us the freedoms that we enjoy in our home nation. Celebrate with Thai Christians as they give thanks for a bountiful harvest. May continual gratitude result in God’s continued blessing.
Personal – Please pray for our kids to grow more settled into Thailand – especially as we engage the holidays from a new base.

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