Malta Mondays 48
November 27, 2017

So thankful for a fun week of meals and gatherings as we reflected on how blessed we are and that this goodness comes from our Heavenly Father who loves us so much! I pray you have also enjoyed some time with family or friends this week.

1.) Speaking of family and friends, do please lift up a new Australian family coming to minister in Malta. They are literally getting on the plane in just a few more hours and plan to be here tomorrow evening. Ask that they will have smooth travel and that they will get off to a good start. We are of course missing the Coplands too but thankful they are able to be with family in California the next few months.

2.) Quite a lot of people heard the gospel again this week through the various outreaches and meals. Be praying for them to continue to think on what they have heard and decide to say yes to the Holy Spirit’s call. It was also great to see lots of people contributing and helping out. There was a good sense of teamwork! This week there are the normal activities and Saturday will be the Party for Jesus for kids at our church. There are usually some visiting children and parents at this event too so pray for them.

3.) I found out that we received the grant for the art project I applied for so that was exciting! In fact we came 2nd out of 23 projects- cool! So you will be hearing more about this in January and February. I spent two days at an epilepsy conference regarding another grant to make a pictorial guide for people with epilepsy who are marginalized for some reason whether it be language or illiteracy. Earl is helping in Bormla at a center for people with disabilities (and the Bormla group) and they are practicing for a small Christmas program. I’m going to send some Thanksgiving food for them tonight. 😀

Kids Korner: We have talked with Kathryn this week and her banquet went well. She found out she is the eldest daughter in a spring musical, “Fiddler on the Roof’ so she was excited about that too. Thomas had Parent’s Day. He’s doing pretty well overall but could use some more revision. He and his friends want to do a puppet show for the talent show so I’ll be working with them on that. Nathan had two days off last week while his teachers had training and then he helped me make the fruit turkey as you can see. We are so thankful his epilepsy is stable too.

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