Malta Mondays 43
October 23, 2017

Well unfortunately you may have heard about Malta on the news in your country this week as a controversial journalist was murdered in a car bomb right near her home. Please do pray as investigations are made and ask that the perpetrators are caught quickly.

The Mauneys and their team are traveling back so please pray that they will arrive safely. It was SUCH a blessing to have them here- all 6 of them! The Wednesday Walkers group had another great walk near the Red Tower- except for the flies! My goodness, they were everywhere! We once again plan to walk this week and there have already been spiritual conversations just as I’ve invited friends along! My friend I’m studying the Bible with has been feeling under attack by the enemy so please pray for her and that she will meet with me this week. Also I’m sending this after midnight here as I’ve been working all day on a grant proposal for an art project related to the Action Planet ( project and children with disabilities. I am praying it will be successfully submitted by tomorrow at noon and that it will be looked upon with favor by the Arts Council.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Earl and the pastors at Knisja Evangelika Battista are meeting together to pray and plan towards the future so pray for them to have great wisdom and discernment.
This week Earl is traveling up to Italy for the Italy/ Malta sub-cluster leaders’ meeting. He leaves early Wednesday morning and will come back late Saturday evening so we appreciate your prayers for his safe travel and for us while he’s away. Saturday from 5-7 pm we’ll have a “Hallelujah Party” to celebrate life in Christ. Our theme is going to be around “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet” and we’ll be encouraging the kids to read the Bible with their parents and providing Bibles for those who do not have one. Pray that some of the folks I’ve invited who are not believers yet will come and hear the Truth.

Kids Korner: We hardly talked to Kathryn all week as she’s just been busy but doing well. She again beat her own personal record (by 7 seconds but hey!) and will run in the National Championships this coming Saturday. She’s consistently been in 4th place on her team. Well done Kat! Thomas enjoyed going to the Youth Progressive Dinner. Pray for this group of young people to really grow in their knowledge of Christ and in their hunger to learn more and be more like Him. After speaking with the doctor and praying about it, Nathan began an increased dose of his second medication this Saturday. He did not feel too well on Sunday morning and Thomas stayed home from church and took such sweet care of him- what a great big brother! He seems to be coping with the change pretty well and was super excited about this week’s Spirit Week where he dresses up in various outfits. Today was Pajama Day!

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