Malta Mondays 42
October 16, 2017

It’s been a wonderful FULL week here in Malta with loads of friends and hosting and visits and prayer and encouragement and sharing Jesus! It was just about as busy as Thanksgiving week but in a great way. 😀

There is a super sweet group of folks here with Mike and Colleen and they are busy praying and sharing Jesus and meeting up with the Mauneys’ friends from the six years they lived and served here before. The Women’s Fellowship started out a bit meager (with one lady!) but within an hour we had six more and had a terrific time of sharing our testimonies and encouraging and praying for one another. The Men’s Prayer Breakfast also went well with some visitors attending too. Thomas had some school friends over to bake cookies (their first time!) and then the next day he shared them at school for his birthday. He had a large number of his classmates show up for his party at the park and celebrated his 14th birthday with lots of love and fun. We also got to know and share with several of the parents about what we do here and invite them to church. Sunday after church we had 8 young people over for a pasta dinner to catch up after they were away for the summer. Four of them are in their final years studying to be doctors and they are just fine Christian young people. I’m so glad to know them and get to pray for them!
The Wednesday Walkers group went well and we’re meeting again this week. I had an excellent time studying the Bible with my new friend and we’ve also had some good prayer times for the church this week. This week Earl is going on an outing with Nathan’s school, and we are starting up a Tuesday morning “Moms in Prayer” group as well as the other normal meetings and studies. Do continue to pray for the Mauneys and their friends as they sow seeds of Truth. This Saturday about 35 Roman Catholics and 35 Evangelicals are meeting together to have a Symposium about “Justification by Faith.” Appreciate prayers for this too.
Nathan’s EEG showed some improvement but the doctor wants us to speak with our neurologist since he still has “significant discharge” so please do pray that we’ll know clearly the best path forward for Nathan. In what I see as God’s amazing timing, some of Europe’s top epileptoligists are in Malta today and tomorrow for a conference and tomorrow afternoon I am going to attend a lecture by one of them on Nathan’s particular issue so hopefully that will be helpful too. 😀

Kids Korner: Thomas has had a terrific birthday week and it’s been great to meet some of his new school friends. Pray for him as he invites them to youth group and is a witness to them. Nathan got EXCELLENT reviews from his two teachers and while he is still somewhat behind in his studies he is making progress and doing well. We had a nice long chat with Kathryn on Sunday and she is still doing well. She placed 5th at her meet in Wiesbaden on Saturday and also beat her own personal record so she is still loving cross country. We get to go see her in two more weeks- hooray!

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