Malta Mondays 41
October 9, 2017

After I wrote Malta Mondays last week I learned about the Las Vegas shootings. It is such a terrible thing. I’ve been praying for the thousands of people who have been affected by this and that believers would reach out to them and be the hands of Jesus to them.

Yesterday after church we had a quick lunch with two new friends and then held a Baptismal service down by the sea in St. Paul’s Bay. It was a fabulous testimony to all those hearing and seeing it as we sang songs and he gave his testimony and then braved the rolling waves to be baptized and show others His decision to follow Jesus. Earl has Bible Study with this man and a friend on Mondays. Do pray as he learns to share his new faith that many that he knows will see a true difference in him and desire to know more.
The Mauneys (my “Malta Mom and Dad”) arrived today with two of their friends and two more will arrive tomorrow. They will be here for two weeks investing in the Maltese and reconnecting with folks. Would you please pray for good health and safety as well as divine appointments with people? This Friday evening we have a Women’s Fellowship where two of the ladies will share their testimonies and Saturday morning there’s a Men’s Prayer Breakfast and outreach. Fresher’s week at the University of Malta went well and now there are numerous outreaches by the University Bible Group (UBG) and some visiting folks so please pray that students will be curious and come participate. Ask that they will make UBG a part of their schedule this semester. Lift up our colleagues who are coordinating all this and hosting folks and pray for extra grace and strength.
Please continue to pray for our church here- Knisja Evangelika Battista. We are having a season of prayer as we seek God’s direction and hope to see the members of the body working together to see more people reached with the Good News. Also on Wednesday we had a terrible rain storm but the Wed Walkers met anyway and were Wed “Talkers.” 😀 We plan to meet this Wed again and I’ve also just done an exercise class this morning with two of these ladies who do not yet know Jesus. I appreciate prayer for them and also for an unspoken need that God knows. Thanks!

Kids Korner: Nathan did VERY WELL with his EEG and slept right when he was supposed to so now we’ll have to see what the results are. Thanks for praying. We should know something this week. He has Parent’s Day on Friday so he does not have to go to school- we do. 😀 Thomas has his 14th birthday this Saturday and we’re planning a party (hopefully outdoors at the park as it has grown rather large!) If it’s indoors at our flat I’ll just have to invite the neighbors too. 😀 Kathryn has had another good week at school and placed 9th at her Cross Country meet with another personal record so she’s doing well.

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