Malta Mondays 40
October 2, 2017

Nope. The Eiffel Tower has not moved to Malta. 😀 But Kathryn sent this beautiful photo from her trip this week and I had to share it. She and her classmates had an excellent trip to Normandy and Paris and have safely returned to school so we are so grateful. What a neat opportunity for her!

  1. This week is Fresher’s week at the University of Malta and one of our coworkers has folks here helping him do a week of ministry to introduce new students to University Bible Group and encourage them to investigate Jesus. Pray that the students who are taking part (and volunteers) will be bold and have wisdom in how to best speak with the students they meet and pray that even this week some of the students will come to know Jesus and be discipled in Him during their University years!
  2. Thank you for praying for the Coplands. They had a safe journey home and are currently in TN a bit. Our church, Knsija Evangelika Battista, has called a special season of prayer as we seek God’s face on the way forward. Would you please especially pray for the leaders and for us to truly listen and obey even if it’s not the plan we maybe had but that we’ll follow God’s plan?! Thank you! One of the men Earl has been discipling is asking for baptism soon and there are others wanting to pray together and grow in their understanding of the Scriptures so let’s pray for a harvest season!
  3. The Wednesday Walkers group is starting back up this week. We are looking forward to catching up with each other after a summer away. Some of us are believers and some are not so please just keep praying for these sweet ladies too. We are looking forward to having Mike and Colleen Mauney and some of their friends here next week for a few weeks so pray for them as they prepare and for divine appointments while they are here. Earl and I attended a school parent’s night at Nathan’s school and had a spiritual conversation with one of the couples we know there. There are so many people around us who need Jesus! Pray that they would be willing to seek Him above all else.

Kids Korner: Nathan’s EEG is scheduled for THIS COMING FRIDAY 6th October. We’ll get him up at 4 am and keep him awake and then he’ll go and need to sleep on demand at 8:30 am. This has been working ok in the past but it is quite important that he sleep and we’d really rather not medicate him as that skews the results some so please pray that we’ll get a clear reading. I am asking that you pray with us that the way forward will be super clear. I would prefer that he’s improved and that there will be no need to change or add medications, but if we do need to do so, please pray that it will be super certain. Thanks! Thomas is doing well at his new school and enjoying riding his bike over most days. Kathryn has another cross country meet this Saturday and has today and tomorrow off school so she is hoping to get caught up on some homework. Thanks for praying for them. Here address at school is below if anyone wants to send her a card or note.

Kathryn Pinkston
Haus Jesse Dorm
Wofshuele 17
79400 Kandern, Germany

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