Monthly Prayer Requests
September 1-7
Hajj to Mecca – Pray for Jesus to show himself in dreams and visions to Mus. pilgrims as millions journey to Saudi Arabia from 30 Aug. to 4 Sept. Pray for the salvation of them and their families.

Floods – As devastating floods hit the U.S., pray the Church will continue responding with care and strength. As monsoon floods kill 1,400 in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh; pray for physical and spiritual rescue.

Myanmar Refugees – Pray for a peaceful calm to overwhelm Myanmar. Nearly 75,000 have fled across the border to Bangladesh in the last week due to attacks and violence, overwhelming refugee camps. Pray for Christian workers and churches to know the best way to minister.

New Networks – As we complete our first month in Thailand we see so many opportunities. We need great wisdom to know which groups, networks, and individuals to invest our time. Pray for God to open wide the best doors that he knows we need to walk through.

Personal – September 3 a running club starts at the kids’ school. Their cross-country season starts in November so the club helps kids get in shape. L is co-coaching it. Pray for good relationships to develop. L is also having Achilles problems – like C. Pray for healing for our 4 Achilles tendons!

September 8-14
Sister Umma and Her Fever – One of our Ummeed ch. planters had a strange body temperature situation. Her temperature rose with the sun to a high fever and then cooled with the moon, even becoming numb with cold. Many doctors could not diagnose. She concluded it was spiritual when she realized that this “troubling” started when she had accepted Christ. Other Ummeed planters prayed for Sister Umma, and the fever left and she has had no further problem.

Voice for the Voiceless – While we anticipated 180 more women to be equipped in August with VFV, we were pleased with the 250 that showed up and participated. Doors continue to fly open in Nepal for the message of life, value, and forgiveness. Please pray for continued protection for our partners and those sharing the curriculum.

Maternity Home in Nepal – As the home nears completion, please pray for the full acceptance of a grant that will help us cover the remainder of the home costs! It is pending and should be decided this month.

Personal – Please pray for Phoebe as she goes to pre-school and has both occupational and speech therapy. Pray for fine motor and speech development. Pray for her heart which continues to grieve for Nana. She saw a mountain today (she just noticed it) and got so excited and said, “Nana’s hill?” It’s breaking our hearts!
September 15-22

Thai Uber Drivers – With our limited Thai language, we found that one of the best ways to share the Gospel is with Uber drivers who are generally young, both men/women, and have better English. We have taken nearly 30 Uber rides and been able to share clearly about 20 times with the drivers. Pray for the seeds sown to take root and for these drivers to seek Jesus.
Lahu People in Thailand (3 subgroups of Lahu Na, Lahu Nyi, and Lahu Shi) – The Lahu are a key “Hill Tribe” in northern Thailand. Please pray for open doors and receptive hearts as we seek to work among them in the coming months.

Mobile Seminary – Pak – Praise God that by his grace a 4th teacher came onboard in August. Her new class already has 32 students. They are so excited as they begin their studies. Pray for their quick understanding and growing confidence.

Personal – Joeli and Eden have adjusted well to school. Pray specifically for Joeli’s Thai class. It’s not an easy class and though she’s in an Introduction class, some kids have been learning for a couple of years. It’s stressing her out a little.

September 23-30
10/40 Dinners Coming in October – Mark it on your calendars if you are in the area. Tuesday, Oct. 24 in Birmingham and Thursday, Oct. 26 in Chattanooga. Join us for an evening of stories, celebration, and great fellowship.

Ummeed Planter Divorce – Please pray for one sister whose husband has filed for divorce so he “can be free.” She has been fully faithful as a wife and also as a ch. planter. As she herself becomes free from his abuse, pray for her to continue walking with complete integrity and honesty. May God heal and protect her in every way.

Sister Leela and Lunch Change – Praise God for vomiting! One family has three children in a school taught by Sister Leela. Their dad was deeply on drugs and addicted to alcohol. Teachers and other believers began to pray for him and that very day, every time he drank alcohol he would throw up! “He has now left drinking.” He is a much better dad now, but still praying for his salvation.
Personal – Pray for our family as we gain new rhythms for living in Asia. Pray also God would guide us as a family where we should worship each week to find our own community.

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