Malta Mondays 38
September 18, 2017

  1. Hundreds of Maltese heard the gospel this week through the Love Malta festival outreaches led by Life Light Ministries and Reid Saunders Ministries. This huge undertaking was led by some of our local Great Commission Christian partners and many local believers from various evangelical churches participated. I do not have the final figures but I do know that some people prayed to receive Christ. There were BMX bicycle stunt guys and a Motorcross team and excellent singers and speakers. Nathan particularly enjoyed the South Korean group His Pop. Beyond the entertainment it was also great to see believers working together and people hearing the Truth. We were particularly encouraged as we met up with a former neighbor who has now come to know Jesus as his Savior! Awesome! God is at work and sometimes we get to see what He is doing and other times we just need to be faithful followers even when we don’t see. Please do pray for those who made decisions as they are followed up on and ask that they will get plugged in to the local body and be discipled.
  2. Thanks for praying for Nick’s friend. He was able to meet up with some of our other believing friends who live near him so pray that he’ll be responsive to the gospel and find his HOPE in Christ. The Coplands are preparing to go on a few month STAS (Stateside Assignment) and while in the USA they will also welcome their second little girl to the family. We appreciate your prayers for them as they wind things up here and prepare to travel at the end of the month. Speaking of babies, we were thrilled to hear that our great Malta now USA friends the Passmores had a beautiful baby girl this week. Welcome Ella!!
  3. Would you please pray for us as we look towards the future and new opportunities? Ask that in the midst of SO MANY needs and opportunities we will discern clearly what God wants us to do and also what is NOT our job. Earl had an amazing thing happen this week as a man who had kept his phone number for FIVE YEARS called him and asked to meet up. Pray for this man as he desires to be baptized and for so many other Maltese who have heard the truth over the years. Ask that they will have their eyes opened and their ears unstopped by the Holy Spirit! Earl and Thomas went over to Gozo with the team and also had the chance to deliver a Bible to a man who found one of our Ministries to Malta New Testaments in a chapel there and wanted another. He was open to the gospel but not yet ready to make that commitment. I have a meeting with a believer this week who wants to learn to study the Bible too. Please pray for the Body of Christ to grow strong and to be dressed in the full armor of God as they stand against the enemy! I have some unspoken requests too if you’ll just pray for those- God knows the details!

Kids Korner: Well we had a “we miss Kathryn” moment or two this week that might have involved some tears (on our side) but overall she is doing SO WELL and enjoying her new school. She went on a cross country trip to Stuttgart and won one of her team’s prizes for besting her predicted race time. Good job Kat! Nathan has really enjoyed the festival and the music and dance and also had a good week at school so that’s a huge praise! Thomas has one more week off school before he starts back next week. He particularly enjoyed the BMX bicycle tricks.

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