Malta Mondays 37
September 11, 2017

I guess I will never hear or type the words September 11th without remembering 9-11 and praying for the millions whose lives were affected that day. And of course we have been hearing about the hurricane and all the major devastation. I know a number of you are directly affected by this so I pray you are safe and that you’ll see God’s faithful hand as He provides what you need.

1.) We are back in Malta and as you can see from the photos the weather is nice and there are fun things a happening. If you look at the photo above you’ll see that the far right boy is Thomas! There’s a large group of volunteers here being led by our friends at a sister church and they were witnessing in Valletta today. There are activities all week long culminating in a weekend long event at our National park called LOVE MALTA. There are guest speakers and the BMX bicycle trick guys and there will be some Italian motor cross riders so it’s quite a big effort. Pray that the believers in Malta will work together to be a light and that many Maltese will hear and clearly understand the gospel message!

2.) This morning I had a meeting with the new Health Care group that was just AMAZING. God has just done a miracle- really. We are going to be working with them to plan a national epilepsy campaign this November and they are funding our national Epilepsy conference in February. Wow! Then the boys had dentist appointments and I started back to my counseling classes tonight too. It’s been a full but great day!

3.) Pray for Nick as he is in Italy still to visit a friend who was just here in Malta with his wife a few months ago and now she has passed away with cancer. Pray for his friend to find the Truth and comfort in Jesus. Also pray for the pastors of our church as they meet and plan for the future.

Kids Korner: Kathryn is doing well in Germany! She came in 4th out of 13 in her first cross country meet so we were glad she took to it so well and she is also keeping up with her school work although it is a lot different. We sure do miss her but we are so glad for her too. The boys really enjoyed this week in Italy with their fellow TCKs – it was just so good for them to fellowship with each other. Thomas has a bit of an ear ache from all the swimming so I’ll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow. Nathan went back to school today and was fine so we’re praying he’ll have a good week too.

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