Malta Mondays 36
September 4th, 2017

Dear Pray-ers,

Happy Labor Day to our American friends! And wow, so many International prayer needs to lift up this week with the flooding in Bangladesh and Texas, the North Korea tensions, and the violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar. It’s a reminder to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. My memory verse this month is Mark 10:27- With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible!

Praises and Prayer Requests:
1.) Thank you for lifting us up as we got Kathryn off to boarding school. She is off to a great start and enjoying cross country too. It is obviously a big change for all of us so feel free to keep on praying about this one! 🙂 Also you have prayed for my father. He had a very bad lower respiratory infection that meant five days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and they’ve had to cut their trip short and head on back. Pray for them as they travel, most likely today, back to Tennessee.

2.) We are at a sub-cluster retreat this week in southern Italy. Please pray for all of us as we are all coming in various seasons and stages of life. Ask that we’ll all hear from the Father and be renewed and refreshed.

3.) We did spend some time together (and plan to this week) discussing and praying towards our year long goals. We’ve produced a temporary document but know that it will be adjusted as we work with local partners and prayerfully move forward. Thanks for continuing to pray for us to invest faithfully in His kingdom!

Kids Korner: Kathryn will have her first ever cross country meet this coming Saturday and will be running 5K (a bit over 3 miles). Pray for her to do her best and enjoy the beautiful creation she is running through. Also pray for her as she adjusts to a very demanding homework/ study routine. Thomas is STILL out of school and looking forward to a week in Italy with his friends. Nathan had a rough week with three days out of school for pink eye and then a full blown panic/ anxiety attack on Friday. He’s off this week obviously as we are in Italy but we did bring his homework to try and keep up a bit.

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