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I’m excited to give you family and ministry updates, and to invite you to be a part what God’s doing in India again this year. Check out the attached video and section on “INDIA” below for more information!


India has over a billion people, and it is home to 1/3 of the world’s unreached people groups. Jesus mandated that we go to all the nations of the world to proclaim him, and we have an amazing opportunity to obey him in praying, giving, and this year, in going.

This will be my fourth trip to India in connection with our global disciple-making partnership with Asian Christian Academy (ACA) and the George family. Our partnership with them is part of our conviction that our calling as believers is to make disciples for the glory of God and the joy of all peoples.

The primary purpose of our trip is ACA’s annual missions conference (9/26-28), where they bring together church planters from all over India together with their 110+ seminary students to be encouraged and trained through a time of concentrated study in the Word of God.

Going with me this year will be my brother-in-law David Stubblefield (a pastor in TN) and good friends Ben Presten and Mitch Pinion (pastors in VT and GA, respectively). The trip is an amazing opportunity to train and encourage pastors and seminary students from all over India, one of the least reached, impoverished countries in the world.


We will need a team of people that faithfully pray for us and for those we’ll be ministering to while we’re there. These men and women are on the frontlines of taking the gospel to the least reached part of our world. The enemy will fight as he’s being conquered by Christ in the expansion of the kingdom of God, and you can play a huge role in prayer. Will you join us?

I also ask that you pray about being a part of God’s provision of our financial cost of getting and being a part of all the He does in India this Fall. The total cost of the trip for is roughly $2,000/person.

If the Lord leads you to give toward this trip, instructions for doing so are below. Please note “India 2017” in the memo line, whether by check or e-giving.

FAMILY UPDATE [Pics attached]

Our Elijah turned 4 this month, which will be the first thing out of his mouth if you see him. He is such a sweet boy, and we are praying that the Lord causes the seed of His Word to bring his little heart to life in Christ this year. Please join us in praying for that for him!

Kayla is as amazing of a mom as she looks from distance. Having 5 boys under 6yrs old is a lot of joy-filled, tiring, full-of-messes, tons-of-correction work, and she is rocking it by the power of God’s Spirit carrying her through each day. We both covet your prayers for strength and wisdom to love and lead our boys well in these little years, so that our little rascals grow into humble, gospel-saturated, Christ-exalting men.


Professions of Faith / ICU babies

Last month I shared with you that I started a seeker study full of unchurched guys. In one of our meetings this past month, one of the guys, Jacob, was overcome with emotion and went to a quiet place to ask God to forgive him of his sins and give him a new heart!

Time and fruit will tell if Jacob truly turned from himself and placed his trust in Christ alone, but we’re discovering that not all people born from above are born in the same state. I always just assumed that because people are made “new creations” when they come to Christ and because “the old has passed away”, that their “old life” shouldn’t have bearing on our approach to leading them into maturity in Christ.

The Lord is showing us that, just like there are babies here in Brattleboro that are heart-wrenchingly born addicted to drugs, and they need to be held in ICU until they detox, there are believers that are born from above, but they need more urgent care than others. I believe Jacob is one of those cases.

Will you please pray for the Lord to give us great wisdom in how to disciple best in cases where people are born again, but need ICU discipleship?

Praises –
Baptisms! Josh and Chelsea, who we wrote about in our last update, are obeying Christ’s command to be baptized this upcoming Sunday. We’re rejoicing in Jesus’ rescue of these friends that were once on their cousins’ “furthest from Christ” prayer list! With God, all things are possible!
Summer Intern – I’ll let his newsletter speak for him, but the Lord has moved powerfully in David’s life this summer, and we are so thankful for His grace in that. Thank you so much for praying for his time here!
Evangelism Training – On August 11-12th, we’re hosting a training to equip our people to share Jesus and His gospel with the people that God has sent us to. Please pray that we’re all better equipped to proclaim Christ with our lives and with our loving, winsome, and bold witness.
Women’s Conference – many of our ladies will be attending a women’s conference that’s in the area August 24-26th. Please pray it’s a real time of encouragement and growth in the Lord for them.
We can feel your prayers and our need for them more than ever before. We want to stay after the rescue mission that God sent us here for. Thank you for supporting us, for praying for us, for providing for us. Your partnership in Jesus’ call on our lives means more than we can express.

Please keep us posted on how we can partner with you in praying for your family!

For His glory + Your joy in Him,

The Whittinghills

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