Church Planting amongst UPG’s

Dear Church Fmaily,

I am writing this email at the end of an intense two-day consultation on Church Planting amongst the unreached people and places, which took place in Dubai. (An estimated 2.2 billion people)

The flip-chart picture above was the “objective” we had, we were about 60 people most of which were main Mission organization leaders. I was invited to represent North Africa and the Middle East and for my “Partnering skills”.

It was a privilege to be with these brothers and sisters as we prayed, brain-stormed and set a plan in motion to fulfill the objective in the picture above. We are calling this initiative 24:14 for Matthew 24;14, and once you read it you will understand why 🙂

Please pray for us and we try to “launch” this new movement in July 2017 with he hope that there will be an acceleration of church planting efforts.

I am waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport for an all night flight to Malta.

Some of you are aware that about a year ago we applied for.a building permit for a new church plant in Malta and because the building of an Evangelical Church is new in Malta it has been quite a task! But a year later and many meetings to explain, we finally have our application excepted, so we should know in a few weeks if we will get the permit! Please pray with us that it will be granted.

We would also like you to pray for us as this week as in Malta our parliament is discussing amendments to the Marriage Act. They want to include the marriage of same sex couples. To accomplish this they are removing the worlds husband, wife, man, women, mother, father, paternal, maternal, etc. from the act, this will have other repercussion in the future. Please pray for me as I write up our objections as the head of the Evangelical Alliance in Malta. Pray that God will give us wisdom on how to tackle this issue.

God bless you and do drop us a line with your news sometime!

Blessing… Edwin & Sylvia

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