Malta Mondays 31
July 31, 2017

Less than a week until the Int’l Day of Prayer for the Maltese Islands! I’ll be sending it out one more time right before as I know the days sometimes slip by quickly! Do please pray for the preparation involved and that the Holy Spirit will prompt many to be involved and pray.

This has been a SUPER week and really full. I can’t really begin to explain everything but will try to give you the highlights. I was glad I mentioned praying for the epilepsy meeting that was supposed to happen today as it got moved and I went last Wednesday. There were just unbelievable answers to prayer as this new Vitals Global Healthcare group that runs the hospital in Gozo and the new rehabilitation hospital in Malta is going to sponsor us and run a huge promotional campaign on epilepsy in September! Wow- praise the Lord! And he has plans to send four nurses to their partner hospital (that’s a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital) in the Boston area for training regarding epilepsy. WOW! AND he has plans to open an epilepsy hotline in the next few months. Later that evening I went back to meet some of the doctors and nurses visiting from Boston (and also local heads of hospitals and nursing) and I was able to meet lots of neat people and also share the gospel with several people. The two guys I travelled to England with saw it too- they said, “God did this.” We are just celebrating how He’s providing!

Thanks for praying for the tv show- I think it went well. Also there’s a possibility of involving children with disabilities in the environmental project I’m involved with too. God is just really opening doors! There’s been a sports team here this week that I did not actually ever meet but Earl and the kids have helped with another follow up festival in Bormla. He said it went really well and he ended up sharing the gospel and having a long conversation with one man in particular so please pray for him. I did not end up getting to take my exam as it was not sent from the USA in time so I guess that’s on this week again sometime. 😃 We’ve also had numerous outings and celebrations with friends. Yesterday we met my former language student from a closed country and she was doing so well and speaking English SO well! She even used an idiom and she did not even know the alphabet when I met her. Pray for me to follow up with her now on the gospel as before we could not really communicate and I just gave her a parallel Bible and prayed for her. Even this morning at the market I met an old friend and she seemed interested in church and meeting up again. The harvest is plentiful so please pray for more laborers and for those of us here to discern the best investment of time.

My sister and niece are still recuperating but doing much better from their wreck. They wanted me to pass on thanks for the prayers! We have an IMB trustee and his wife here visiting and got to spend some time with them yesterday. Earl is out with them today showing them some of the ministry sites and they are coming over later with the Coplands for a fellowship meal. Then tonight until Thursday we will also have our supervisor from Rome visiting so we’ll enjoy sharing with him/ them about life and ministry here. We are so grateful to be so well supported by the Int’l Mission Board! (And you all!) Thank you!

Kids Korner: Nathan was VERY brave and did well for his CT scan which is much easier than an MRI! We won’t really know results for a while but thanks for praying. They have really enjoyed being with our visiting friends and some of their schoolmates this week in various settings- many of them involving the water! Kathryn is working on her prep work for her upcoming classes and we’re realizing how close it is getting! She and Earl will go up to Germany on August 28th. Thomas and I just went to buy him some new shoes for our upcoming trip to England as he is GROWING so fast. He hasn’t quite passed me up yet and there’s some debate but I think I still have a few millimetres on Kathryn too. We’re enjoying summer time!

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