Malta Mondays 29
July 17, 2017

Well if this works right, you should be getting this on Monday but I am writing it on Saturday afternoon… 😃 Tomorrow morning (Sunday) terribly early my sweet husband is going to take myself and two older gentlemen to the airport for us to travel to London. The three of us were chosen from Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association to go receive three days of training at an Epilepsy Centre in the UK. We will learn about epilepsy, advocacy, fundraising, advocacy, social media, epilepsy nurses etc. I’d appreciate prayers for us as we travel and for Earl and the kids as we are apart.

The team that is here with Access Int’l has been a fabulous group and they have joyfully sung songs all over the place, shared the gospel, distributed church tracts, painted faces and hands, played games, and loved on my children too. The Family Festivals were so encouraging as the people gladly received us and both places asked us why it had been a year and couldn’t we come back more often! I asked God to give me one person in particular to share with and that happened at the first festival and the second- well actually, two at the second night. I know that Earl did a fantastic job sharing the gospel too using the Evangecube and sharing in Maltese. There were some great seeds sown and again, doors are wide open for follow up. Then last night I was at an Epilepsy Association meeting where I had another divine appointment. Meanwhile Earl and the team and boys were in St. Paul’s Bay doing a low key time at a park near their hotel and a lady and a young teen boy prayed to receive Christ! Again they were insistent that we come back more often and were open to learning more. Pray for these two people in particular that they truly understood and are beginning a new life with Christ and ask that we will find favour with them and their families as we follow up.

The Coplands are doing much better now. Evi’s paediatrician though it was maybe a measles flare up (from the MMR) and not chickenpox. Either way she is MUCH better now and has been reunited with her mom. And they are moved into their new flat! They have a lot of work to do to get things in place but at least they are now there and much closer by. Do continue to pray for them as they pray towards how God would have them invest their lives here. Our interns made it to Italy where they have been having a debriefing before heading back to the USA. Unfortunately both of them have been sick so please pray that they will feel much better before they travel. Our puppets are on a mission trip in Berlin, Germany with our pastor and his wife and three Maltese young ladies this week. Pray for them as they share the gospel there!

The Epilepsy Inservice and the meeting I attended went well and I was grateful for the chance to share some of Nathan’s experiences in school with someone who could actually make change happen. The way the doors have been opening up in this new world has just been such a God story. And everywhere I go I have a chance to share about God’s faithfulness. All glory to Him! I’d also like to ask prayer for a particular person who is hurting. She is a believer. Ask that God would bring wholeness and healing to her. Thanks!

Kids Korner: Kathryn is dancing tonight (remember it’s Saturday… 😃) at “A Night at the Opera” with her Academy of Dance Arts. She will be performing in two ballet dances on pointe. This will likely be her last for a while as she will not be taking dance in Germany. She has quite a lot of homework/ prep work to do for her AP/ Honors classes too so hopefully she’ll get some of that started this week. Thomas and Nathan have REALLY enjoyed having the team here and they have just all three been so wonderful to help out at the family festivals and parks etc. I love that this is a normal part of their summer! I also pray that they will get some down time this week while I am away as it has been pretty intensely busy these last few weeks.

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