Malta Mondays 8
July 10, 2017

Whew- wasn’t sure I’d make Malta Mondays on a Monday this week. It’s been a FULL day but a great one!

1.) There are WAY too many cool things to even begin to share them all but let’s hit the highlights. Kathryn’s friend got baptized at a sister evangelical church this week and after the service her mom accepted Christ too! Praise the Lord!! Ask that they will both really get involved and active there and grow in their faith. The VBS went super well too with around 40 kids each day and it was full of fun and also learning for us all. The ladies’ team (and Allan!) were a big help and encouragement too. The new team arrived Saturday and we had orientation Sunday before we did the puppet workshop. Drew and Austin (the interns) will finish up their time here this Thursday and they have been absolutely terrific to have around. Appreciate prayers for them as they travel back and also for this team as they leave Sunday morning.

2.) Today we had a Vocal Performance workshop very capably led by Shannan. She and Nick have had a rough week as Evi contracted chicken pox as a result of her immunization and since Shannan is pregnant she cannot be around her for a bit. We’ve been trying to help where we can but please join us in praying that they will dry up quickly so they can be reunited. They are supposed to move into their flat this Wednesday! Tomorrow and Wednesday evenings we are holding family festivals with puppets, music, games, etc in Bormla in two different locations so lift up these outreach events too. Pray that the interested people will attend the regular Bible study that happens there.

3.) I’ve been helping with an Epilepsy course Friday until tomorrow too plus today a friend and I got to attend a meeting with the Commission for the Rights of People with Disabilities. In short we were able to advocate for several needs for people with epilepsy in schools based on our experience with our kids. The Association has asked me and two others to go to England and get some training from the Epilepsy Action UK centre there so next Sunday when the team leaves, I will also go from Sunday until late Wednesday night. Pray for this trip and the opportunities to learn and be a light in a different place.

Kids Korner: The kids have REALLY been enjoying our interns and the teams and all the special activities. They’ve been super as we’ve had them out late and up early and busy helping out. I love that they enjoy doing puppets and helping with family festivals and vbs and everything – what a blessing! They are also great helpers with Evi!

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