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July 3, 2017

Happy Birthday to America this week! 😃
I am grateful to say that things have been going well- just extremely busy and well, HOT. 😃 We had a bit of a heat wave over the weekend but thankfully the women’s retreat had air-conditioned meeting rooms. I admit I did not sleep well in the heat overnight but other than that it went super well. We had around 40 ladies both days. I know that I feel like I took a “step forward” in my journey and prayerfully they all did too. Our interns Drew and Austin have been doing well and were even able to be on the radio this week with our Christian friend. They are leading games for VBS which kicked off this morning with around 40 kids! There’s been a lot of work this week getting it all set up and you can see the lovely decorations in the photos. What a blessing to have friends gifted in decorating!

Please do lift up VBS tomorrow and Wednesday morning. This morning I was able to share the gospel with a mom who came and I have promised to get her an audio Bible and some other literature. She is also an epilepsy friend so please pray for her heart to be open to the truth. Also pray for safety and good health for the kids and workers.
I’ll repeat last week’s prayer- This is “4th of July” week and we will be hosting a big BBQ in a parking area near our National Park. Pray for those who are not yet believers to have salty conversations with our team and even find freedom in Christ this Independence Day. 😃 The leader of the next team is arriving on the 6th after this team departs and then Earl and I were invited to go to the American Embassy Independence Day celebration on the 6th evening. Next Friday, Monday, and Tuesday Robin will be participating/ leading in a three day training on epilepsy for teachers and teacher’s assistants. Meanwhile the team arrives on the 8th and we have a number of outreaches and activities planned with them too. We are still waiting to hear back on some permits so pray that they will come through. The meeting we had last week re: epilepsy with one of the main leaders in two of the hospitals here went super well and I feel like there will be great favour there so that was a huge praise too!
My sister and niece were in a head on collision this week. They came around a sharp curve and someone was in their lane. I am thankful they are both alive but do please pray for their full recovery as it was quite a bad wreck. They have major bruising and some broken/ cracked bones. It was just a reminder to me of how much I need to appreciate my family and those around me and know that each day is precious.

Kids Korner: Thomas graduated from Middle School this week! We are officially on summer holidays! The kids have been a SUPER help with all the activities and I am so thankful and proud of them. Kathryn has several friends who have been around at the Women’s Retreat and also helping with Vacation Bible School. One of them is getting baptized this week at her church so we are rejoicing with her!

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