Identity. It’s becoming an allusive word. Are you sure of your identity? Are you sure about who you are? In our post-Christian era, some individuals do not even “own their gender identity”. We live in desperate times. People need desperately to hear the truth. The truth is, our idenity is not based as much on ‘who we are,’ but rather ‘Whose we are’.


Identity has been the theme this year for the CAMPS on Jeju, and appropriately so. The average Korean teen today lives a life of study, iphones, gaming online, and dating. They have full schedules, full stomachs, full pockets, and yet spiritually they are famished. Sound familiar?

It was an honor to speak on Idenity to Korean teens at Jeju CAMP last week. I’m told that 15 students made decisions to follow Christ in salvation!!

Our team, on Korea’s mainland, recently took a survey of Korean pastors, asking what their greatest is need within the church.The overwhelming response was, “We need help with our young people, we’re losing our young people”. Out of several pastors surveyed, there was one pastor who gave a response I’ll never forget.

He stated: “It’s really not that students don’t have time for church, or that we need a new program, we just need people to wake up and have a passion about discipling the NeXt Generation!”

This excited me, because it reflected 2Timothy 2:2, which continues to be my theme for ministry!!!

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men” 2 Timothy 2:2

Is this your heart-beat? Do you realize what’s at stake if we do not disciple the next generation?


We’ve had a lower attendance at our church plant over the summer months, as several are vacationing, a few have moved overseas, and a some are out of church. Please join us in praying for those below whom we are seeking to reach and disciple including:

Valarie: An unsaved Russian migrant worker

Tommy: A Korean young gentlemen who continues to waver in his commitments to accountability.

Leah: An unsaved Korean lady Alicia just met at a local park. Pray she can continue to develop a relationship with this lady.

Tad: An Ethiopian migrant worker married to an unbelieving Korean lady, pray for her salvation, and for Tad to grow in his walk with Christ.

Our supreme hope is that more people will come to know the ‘Sufficiency of Christ’ for all their deepest needs. We pray that His sufficient grace and joy will be on you today.

Thank you for your interest, your prayers, and your vital role in making this ministry a reality.

On the journey together,

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