We would like to share with you about an Amazon River Health Care Trip planned for March 16-25, 2018. Please help us pray that God will burden the hearts of the right people to join us on this trip. This will be a very unique trip and it will also be an absolutely exciting experience of a lifetime traveling from village to village along the remote tributaries of the mighty Amazon River. As we will be traveling on the Word of Life SEARA ministry boat, there will be limited space available on this trip for around 10 trip participants. Pray for this trip as we will go to various remote river communities setting up the free clinics and offering the love of Christ through physical health care. We are looking for 2-3 care providers along with other people to assist with pharmacy, eye care, VBS and other aspects of the clinic. We have a detailed web page with information about our Amazon River Health Care trip at: http://www.jarrellfamily.com/healthcaretrip

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you might have any questions about this trip. Even if you are not available to join us on this trip, you might be able to help with finances for the medications or even solicit your small group to help us with the over-the-counter medications needed. (See our OTC Med List: https://goo.gl/ZYHJbt of items you can get at WalMart for the trip) Send me an email letting me know of your interest or if you have questions.

We are praying that God will send forth his laborers to help us in this very unique and exciting ministry to care for the precious river people of the various remote river communities where we work.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration about this trip.

Butch (Paul) & Lesi (Lisa) Jarrell

Missionaries in Brazil / Missionárias no Brasil
Word of Life International Ministries / Ministérios Internacionais da Palavra da Vida

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