Monthly Prayer Requests
June 1-7
10/40’s Nepal Maternity Home – Pray we will be able to raise the final $28,000 needed to finish the home/training center. (Praise! We needed $40,000 and 12k came in June.) Pray for the women who are choosing this month how to care for the baby they carry. May this home help them soon!
Brother Jonah and the W. People – This past month we had the privilege of seeing the baptism picture of Bro. Jonah, the very first believer from the W. people group from Pak. He continues to grow as a disciple. Pray for salvation and discipling of his family and relationships. There are many open doors at this time.
Voice for the Voiceless – This week in Western Nepal 55 church leaders will gather for a regional training for trainers of VFV. Pray that those who are involved in ch. planting will see the strategic importance of meeting this key felt need.
Personal – Praise God with us that our house will be rented out starting in August. God has provided a good family who will hopefully enjoy and take care of our place while we are out. Pray for their salvation, since they are not from the U.S. and are more than likely not Christians.

July 8-14
Leadership Development/Ummeed – This month 65 regional leaders will gather and work to near completion of the data collection. We have given a soft deadline, and they are trying to beat it (how fun!) We are seeking to map and trace the work of God among the women of Ummeed – villages, generations of hc’s, and various streams that are growing (or not). This study will really help as we look to the future.
Foundations and Churches – Praise God that in June we were approved for a grant, thanks to much assistance by partners and friends. Praise God with us for our church partners who uphold us with prayer and finances, and who also “pray past” us to those who have no one praying for them – the least reached.
Pak Mobile Seminary – The three current teachers request prayer for safe travel as they traverse tough roads. We are also considering adding a 4th teacher to the circuit, a woman who has a great gift of teaching. This will make 2 men and 2 women teachers. Pray for wisdom and God’s timing.
Personal – C is still struggling with his back and Achilles. Both Achilles have vertical tears – and surgery is not an option. Please pray the MRI shows the doctor where to place shots to enhance healing hopefully.

July 15-22
Sister A., an Ummeed Planter – One of the good Ummeed planters was recently kicked by the water buffalo she was milking. (Doesn’t this happen in your church planting experience?) The kick badly injured her back. But after prayer by the Ummeed sisters, Sister A. was able to sit and stand without pain. “God gave her resistance with pain and healing. She is one of the good worker of Ummeed.”
Cataract Surgeries – Good news, the 130+ patients who came to the cataract clinics in 2016 resulted in 47 successful cataract surgeries. Through these surgeries an additional 7 villages now have house churches that did not exist in 2016.
30 villages, 600 students, 100,000 people – We hope to extend construction for a self-sustaining school that will educate hundreds of children and also equip rural church planters. Currently there are hc’s in 21 of 30 villages, but realistically hundreds more house churches are needed for the 100,000 population area. We still need $29,000 to complete the school facility for 600 children.
Personal – Pray for our kids and us to learn 20-30 key Thai phrases before departure. As we all learn survival Thai, pray our kids will feel confident in this skill (and us too).

July 23-31
Sister Prabha and Lunch Change – We praise God for the testimony of teacher/Sister Prabha. Earlier in the school year little Ravi’s mother brought him to the school unable to control his behavior. Soon with much prayer the teachers saw Ravi’s heart and actions improve. Recently his mother had a high fever. Again Sister Prabha and her assistant prayed and when Ravi’s mom entered the hospital she began confessing Scripture that she knew. Now she is fully healed and gave testimony at a women’s meeting. Pray now for “her entire family to give their lives to Jesus and be added to the Church.”
TraffickStop Borders – Pray for the border surveillance workers who persist in the daily heat on the Nepal/India border. Pray the Holy Spirit will help them discern and discover girls being trafficked. The traffickers are very tricky and often coach their victims in what to say.
Arise Home Retreat and Three Girls Staying! – Praise God with us that in June the Arise Home girls celebrated completing their school year with a retreat outside of Delhi. They enjoyed games, food, rest, hiking, Bible study, and worship time. Praise God that thin May the government decided that the 3 girls in danger of being sent to distant relatives would have a better life at the Arise Home, and allowed them to stay.
Personal – We depart early on August 2 for Thailand. Pray for our hearts and families in this final week. Pray we will know what on our list to complete, and what can remain undone. Pray the final 3 days will be miraculously relaxing.

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We appreciate your prayers for the least reached people groups of the 10/40 Window, as well as your prayers for our partners, projects, and personnel.

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