Dear Friends,
Hope you all are doing well. Wanted to give a couple of quick updates:

1. As the month of Ramadan winds down, please do not forget to pray for the upcoming “Night of Power” when millions of Muslims seek the mercy of God. If this year continues the trend of previous years, Jesus will again show himself in a dream or vision to many people who genuinely seek him. Pray for receptive hearts, transformed lives and families, and for nearby Christians to respond with solid discipleship.

On a similar note, we have a wide open door before us among the Wan, key UPG in the nation of Pak. As you may remember, this people group has only 1 (ONE) known believer out of 130,000 people. His name is “Jonah” and he came to faith last November 2016 and was baptized in a small canal.

Since that time Jonah has continued to grow in his faith, and through him God has opened a huge opportunity to present the Gospel among entire Wan villages. We will remain vague about specifics until the time is right to report. At this time, please pray for Jonah and his family, as well as local Pak believers from nearby villages who are doing all of the frontline labor. These brave brothers and sisters risk a lot as they walk by faith.

2. We praise God that in the next 2 months or so, we hope to see the 10/40 Maternity Home completed in Nepal. We have a couple of grants that are still under consideration to help cover the remaining costs for the construction. Please pray for these to go through successfully.

10/40’s Voice for the Voiceless curriculum has been quite successful in Nepal, and as a result the great need has risen for a place at-risk women can safely reside, hear about Jesus, and become equipped as spreaders of Good News. You can see a video of the construction progress through November here. Please join us in prayer that this maternity home/training center will serve and bless hundreds of UPG’s in Nepal.

C and L

P.S. It’s been a few weeks since Engaged in Love and War launched, and we are pleased that it has gone so well. Hey at one point we were ranked #1 in the Kindle category of Ministry and Evangelism. It’s fun when someone comes up and says, “Hey, we are teaching chapter 3 of your book next Sunday in class. It’s been really good so far!” How encouraging! Let us know if your church wants to use Engaged in Love and War as a curriculum for your life groups/classes.

P.S.S. Listen/subscribe to the 10/40 podcast “Live It Out!” where each week we post a new episode describing life from the perspective of God’s mission (and our small part in it). We look at various current events and give a few thoughts on key biblical passages that relate to living out God’s mission. (We think it’s fun!)

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