Malta Mondays 24
June 12, 2017

Greetings from Malta today! Happy Father’s Day this next week! So grateful for my Daddy and also the legacy Earl’s father left in love and devotion to God and family. And of course Earl is an excellent father to our children! Thank you Lord for the fathers in my life!
We sure were sorry to hear about the bus crash in Georgia. The church from Huntsville, AL is actually the church that funded our upcoming Sept retreat so we do have a connection with them although we have not been there. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected. And of course worldwide with so many others who are hurting.

1.) Wow- we’ve been meeting, eating, and greeting this week. 😀 We have two new interns with us, Drew and Austin! They’ll be here for six weeks and today they are out on a prayer/ scavenger hunt adventure to get used to Malta and buses. We have had some good quality time with the Coplands and other friends. The environmental meeting went well and that project is off to a good start. We met about VBS and again it feels like it will be off to a good start too. I have two particular ladies who are not believers that I shared with this week (not the first time) so please pray that they will come to know Jesus personally. Earl also met with local church members and the Bormla and St. Paul’s Bay group. Please do continue to pray for more Maltese or people in Malta to be involved in regular Bible Study.

2.) Tonight Rebecca and I will go visit the site of our upcoming Women’s retreat so we’re praying it is as nice as it looks online and that we will find favor with the director. Then I have my class. Tomorrow we are having our last walking group meeting for the summer and actually meeting on Friday for a pool party so again I’d ask for prayers for the three ladies involved who are not yet believers. Tomorrow evening there is a going away party for two sweet interns that have been here for two years helping our colleague with University ministry. Pray for them as they transition to their new path of life. I have a Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association event where a professor from London is going to speak on Epilepsy and Genetics. We actually have almost 50 people signed up to attend including the British High Commissioner so that’s great too. Wednesday is Sports Day at Nathan’s school and Thursday we’re meeting some of Nathan’s friend’s parents before they move to another country. Friday through Monday my aunt and uncle are visiting from Wisconsin! We are very glad to have them coming and have a big after church meal planned again Sunday afternoon. We also plan to do some manual labor/ garage sorting before a donation drive at the end of the week to give to the Women’s Shelter we help sometimes.

3.) The details are not mine to share but I have some friends with health concerns and needs. And also know of someone who needs to have a divine appointment with God. Would you pray for God to intervene in these lives? Thanks so much!

Kids Korner: Kathryn has been enjoying some quality down time this week… not to worry. She’s got some assignments already for next fall and we’re going to put her to work this week too… 😀 Thomas has exams- started today with Maltese and Maltese Listening Comprehension. Then on to English and French orals and Math and Geography this week. Nathan has an Int’l Brunch at school tomorrow, a huge field day/ water fight on Wednesday and then he’ll finish on the 21st so he is definitely winding down. He got a huge bump on his head at school this week but thankfully no concussion. He also had a friend over from school and church friends too.

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