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June 5, 2017

Happy June! We are having a nice relaxed day getting caught back up after our trip/ weekend. The kids are out of school due to the elections and we have been hearing car horns and sirens all morning but it’s pretty calm here in Mosta. The Labour Party was in charge and was very clearly voted back in so there are loads of people out celebrating. The photo above was in the newspaper- we have stayed home.

1. Once again our hearts go out to folks in London following the terrorist attack this week. And all the other places in the world where there are people living in fear and under constant attack. It really should prompt us to pray! On our trip this week, Kathryn and I were so grateful to get to go visit her future school and see what life will be like for her there.It is in a gorgeous part of the world in the Black Forest area of Germany and the people were just fantastic.The boys did some fun father/son activities like rock climbing and going to the sea where the only injuries were some minor scrapes and bruises and Thomas got a pretty impressive jellyfish sting. Thank you for praying for the Copland’s crate- everything arrived safely and is stored in the flat they will hopefully get to move into soon. We had several good meetings with folks this past week for future events and also for some IMB work.One of my spiritual conversations this week was with two moms at Nathan’s school.One of them had donated a baby bed that we had picked up and delivered and I was telling her thank you.She said, “I hope it will get me some credit in heaven and forgive some of my sins.” (She’s a Maltese lady.) The other lady immediately joked that she was not a sinner and not to worry, she would forgive her and made the sign of the cross. (She’s British.) I had to jump in and say that Jesus is the source of forgiveness and it’s His grace that saves us, not our works.I felt a bit like a preacher but it has just been clear to me lately that SO MANY people around us know “about” Jesus, but so few know Him as their Lord and Savior.I know- DUH! But sometimes it is good to be reminded and to be bold to share the way when you have opportunity.Who can you share with this week?

2. Tonight Earl is teaching my Global course so I guess I’ll have to be extra good. 😃 The boys are out of school again on Wednesday as it is a public holiday called “Sette Giugno” when in 1919 four Maltese people were killed by British troops during a protest against rising costs of living. We plan to meet some of the walking group ladies near the sea for the morning. We also have some major planning, prep work, and administrative work to do this week before our two interns arrive on Saturday. Pray for Drew and Austin who will be joining us in Malta for a month, as well as Andrew who is here for two weeks and will help some. Lift up Earl and Nick as they invest in these young men who will be investing in Malta.

3. I am working on a pretty big environmental project with a friend that will involve most of the schools in Malta next fall and spring. We have an important meeting this Friday with some major sponsors so I am praying that goes well. While this is not a Christian event, it is certainly Biblical to take care of the planet we live on and it has also led to relationships and friendships where I am living my faith and able to share Jesus. Also please continue to pray for our church and the various Bible studies as we look towards trying to see more and more folks engaged in consistent exposure to the Bible.

Kids Korner: Thomas has begun half-days at school and will begin exams in one more week so he is winding down. Kathryn is DONE but already has some prep work for her Black Forest Academy (BFA) classes this fall. She is also still dancing in preparation for a July 15th performance. Nathan finishes on June 21st so he is also winding down at school. We are so grateful for how God provides for our kids and continue to pray that they will grow in knowledge but also in their walk with the Lord.

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