Malta Mondays 25
June 19, 2017

Greetings from Malta! Starting first with a prayer from another country. Would you pray for the people of Portugal tonight as so many have lost lives in the forest fire? The couple Earl and I mentor live very nearby. Pray for them as they have spiritual discussions with their neighbours and for the firemen to be able to get the wildfire put out.

1. Super week with many answered prayers! The Women’s Retreat centre is REALLY nice and we are so glad at how details are coming together. Pray that just the right folks will come and that we will have a real sense of encouragement and unity and not division or problems. Also I’ve had some really clear spiritual conversations with folks except for the one I had hoped to have as that meeting got cancelled. The Epilepsy meeting was really well attended with around 70 in attendance and I got to meet the British High Commissioner and challenge him and his wife to learn some Maltese. I’ve been working through emails and lists this evening trying to see what still needs to be done before the Women’s Conference and the VBS but it’s all coming together. We had a terrific Father’s Day with 15 people (plus our family) over for lunch. We REALLY enjoyed having my aunt and uncle here. REALLY. It’s such a blessing to have Christian family members.

2. This week pray for Earl and the interns as they do some maintenance and painting at the church hall and as the interns meet up with folks they’ve already met and new folks too. I have an appointment with the Epilepsy Society president to meet with the head of staff at Mater Dei, our main hospital to try and see a change made as long story short, there is a long term EEG machine in the adult ward that children cannot use because of the technicality of a nursing issue. Also he and I were both invited to be on the radio last week to share about epilepsy and that went well too. We have an epilepsy BBQ this Saturday evening. Two of the families I met this last week I really got to share with, including my faith.

3. The details are (still) not mine to share but I have some friends with health concerns and needs. And also know of some folks who need to have a divine appointment with God. Would you pray for God to intervene in these lives? Thanks so much!

Kids Korner: Thomas has English and Science, Social Studies, and French exams this week. Nathan has one more full day tomorrow and then 2 hours on Wednesday and then he’s done! Kathryn has been a huge help this week and just spent a good long while helping Thomas study. What a sweet sister. Pray for Nathan as his good little school friend is moving away and they’ll be saying goodbye. We really enjoyed having USA family around this week and the kids loved getting spoiled rotten- so did we! They also managed to get in some swimming.

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