Monthly Prayer Requests

June 1-7
10/40’s Nepal Maternity Home – We are getting closer to completion! Praise God for the hard work of our local partners to keep costs low as they get multiple bids and do much manual labor themselves. Pray for the final push of securing the remaining funds – around $40,000.
Ramadan – Pray for the Muslim world this month, through 24 June, as they celebrate with fasting and feasting. Learn more about how to pray for them with this 30-day prayer guide.
Pak Mobile Seminary – This month the search is on for the best goat-keeper in all the land. Last year our small initial investment doubled in value, but it all hinges on the local person in charge – the goat-keeper. This solid model of locally funded sustainability provided a good and clear example to support this new work. We are praying for the right goat-keeper and the success of the flock even more this year.
Day for the Unreached – This Sunday (Pentecost Sunday), 4 June, join with the global Church for a time of intercession for those who have no one praying for them. More info here.
Personal – On 3 June C departs for Thailand and L departs for D.C. Please pray for each of us as we carry out 10/40’s work and our kids as we are away.

June 8-14
Leadership Development/Ummeed – Praise God for the 95 women equipped as church planters in May. Pray for them to plant 1-2 groups this year. Pray also for the ongoing data collection of the past 10 years regarding the various locations and generations of Ummeed house churches. We are excited to see these results compiled in a couple of months.
Sister Sumitra and Voice For the Voiceless – During one training in May in Nepal, one mature Christian woman leader started crying and speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit. At first, she prayed for forgiveness, and then she started to prophesy saying, “There are some leaders and women in this hall involved in the sin of abortion; God is saying to repent and return to Him.” Amazing repentance broke out and many of the Christian women wept and repented from their sin of abortion.
Foundations – This month we connect with a few groups considering funding some of 10/40’s projects. Pray for God’s continued provision, and that we will know how to listen and share well with them.
Live it Out! Podcast – Each Friday we post a new audio podcast. So sign up and tune in for fun and informative insight! You can subscribe with iTunes, with Stitcher or here (if you use IE or Foxfire browsers)
Personal – Pray for our new potential home in Thailand, hopefully selected by this week. Pray for wisdom as we choose the neighborhood, costs, furnishings, etc.

June 15-22
Manchester, UK and Libya – Pray for the victims and families and community of the recent attack. Pray the Church will minister to these broken families. Pray also for the salvation and repentance of those considering violent acts against civilians.
Night of Power – On this night of Ramadan (21 June), Muslims specifically pray to God for mercy. Pray that millions will have a dream or vision of Jesus on this night. Then pray for Christians to explain the dream and disciple the seekers.
ENGAGED IN LOVE AND WAR – Praise God with us for the good launch of our book in May. (Fun news and praise…for a few days we were #1 on Amazon Kindle for the category of “Ministry and Evangelism”!) Pray for church leaders who can open the doors for this resource within their churches. (Get your copy here.)
Personal – Our family made Vision Boards. Pray we know how to help each child work towards goals but also deal with their concerns before moving. There is excitement but also some grief.

June 23-30
Sister Rupali and Lunch Change – We praise God that in April Sister Rupali prayed for a young boy in her class who had dislocated his arm at the shoulder. Doctors could not get it back in place. After much prayer, a week later, the doctors checked him again and said that his arm had healed itself and all was normal. Please pray for the boy’s family who are not yet ready to accept Christ.
TraffickStop Church Planting – We praise God for the recent good report of expanded church plants through the women rescued from human trafficking in Nepal. In the past year we have seen more than 50 house churches planted in remote villages. Pray all hc’s would grow deep and strong. Pray also for the regional planters who help to oversee these new groups.
Arise Home Retreat – This month, 10/40 helps the Arise Home girls escape the sweltering heat of Delhi to the mountains for a week of rest, games, bible study, and retreat. Pray for safe travel and a great time of refreshing. We also just heard that Naz scored 94.75 in her final national exams (INCREDIBLE SCORE!)
Personal – This week our house in Chattanooga goes on the rental market for a move-in date of 1 Aug. Please pray this whole process will go well and that we will find the perfect renter. (Feel free to contact us if you know someone interested!)

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