French Missionary Federation
News from the Streets / June – July ’17 / Vol 11. No. 3

Let’s Go Yisraël!
We are so excited about our upcoming JET Israel mission trip. First, thank you for praying for our two orientation weekends. They were a huge success. We are excited about our team and excited to see what good works God has planned for them this summer. We will be leaving on Sunday, June 25th, and returning on Thursday, July 27th.
Please pray for the following requests:
1. Safety.
2. Customs / Immigration – please pray that we’ll have no problems entering the country.
3. Our driving – We have rented three vehicles that we will be using for ministry while we’re there. Our drivers are Tonda, me (Jeff) and our girl leader, Amélie (23 yrs.) Please pray that all would go smoothly.
4. Our practical labor – each morning we will be working at a Christian refugee center for Jews returning to Israel from all over the world. Please pray that we will serve them well and that much would be accomplished. Please pray that these Jews would find Messiah Jesus through this center.
5. Health for all.
6. Our PM evangelism – depending on the day, we will spend each afternoon or evening assisting missionaries in sharing the Good News on the streets in the area around the Sea of Galilee. Please pray that many people would place their faith in Yeshua (Jesus)! We are told that 1 in 8 Israelis speak French…pray that we find them so that we can share the good news with them.
7. For unity and spiritual growth in the life of each of our participants. We will be studying the life of Moses.
8. That local believers would be encouraged. Many evangelical Israelis are from Russia (so much so that I have actually packed my Russian language handbook!)

Graduation Report
Thank you for praying for our three graduates! Both graduation ceremonies went very well and each one was graced by the presence of a distinguished speaker: I spoke at Isaiah’s graduation and President Donald Trump spoke at Caleb and Andrew’s! ☺ Caleb (23) has been hired by Liberty University and will be starting his seminary in the fall. Andrew (22) is home washing windows and will be looking for a local job once fall arrives. Isaiah (18) has been accepted at Word of Life Hungary Bible Institute for this coming fall!

Car Wash II (The Sequel)
On Saturday, August 5th, our youth group will be having our 2nd annual free car wash as a testimony to the community. Please pray that God would use it to build his kingdom here in Quebec City.

Welcome to Canada
Our JET Missionaries to Slovakia, Philippe & Isabelle Bélanger, have learned the Slovak language and will be in Canada from July 25th – Nov. 30th to visit churches and update them on their continuing plans to develop youth ministry in Slovakia. Please also pray for their financial support.

American Tour
Our spring trips to the USA were a huge success! We visited a number of churches and had dozens of new prayer partners commit to praying for us one day per week! Thank you for praying!

Join the Community
The pastor we’re training, Hindor Duggan, got his legal Canadian residency on June 1st! This is a great thing for the future of Hope Church! Please continue to pray for us as we meet weekly with him and his wife. We are very excited by their progress!
Jump Around!
Our youth trampoline outreach on April 29th was a great success! Thank you for praying! We had a number of unchurched kids that attended (…please continue to pray for these kids!), one of our youth leaders shared the Gospel, and our whole youth team learned much about how to organize and structure an activity. We are excited about the progress the leaders are making considering that the team was almost completely restarted in January 2016. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to prepare them for the day that they will run the youth ministry. Please also pray that we will be able to reach more families with teenagers!

CGS (Community Garage Sale)
Our church community garage sale (May 27th) was a great way to get our neighbors to come out and meet the folks from the church. Thank you so much for praying for this activity. It went swell! Please continue to pray that people in the community around the church would come into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

slide, Boom, BANG!
It all started with the unusually **warm** weather that we had last February. During those 3 days the mountain of snow on our roof congealed into a massive ice glacier. As soon as temperatures warmed to +32° F it started to do what all glaciers do – it started to migrate! Slowly sliding off our back roof. On Saturday night, April 1st, Caleb heard a huge “boom” – That was the eaves trough crashing onto the deck below. A few days later, the entire glacier (a sheet of ice 30′ x 30′ x 3′ [thick]) came crashing onto the deck below – tearing off a bunch of shingles and ripping the deck off of the house. As I write this letter, the contractors from the insurance company are carting away the old deck to build a new one. Praise the Lord no one was hurt and that the insurance company is covering about 90% of the replacement. (We have to pay $1000 deductible.)

A Quarter of a Century
Our oldest son, Nate, turned 25 on June 18th and had his first birthday cake made by his loving wife, Marianne! They had a great day! Hannah turned 17 on May 25th! Thank you for praying for her! She also had a great day!

No More Agapé
We are sad to say that we will be losing a supporting church. Agapé Church of Pennsylvania will no longer be able to continue to support us starting on July 1st. We thank the Lord for their generosity over all these years and we continue to trust Him to provide for our every need. Please pray for this! Thanks!

Higher Education
We will once again have four of our sons enrolled in Bible school or university this coming fall! Isaiah (18 yrs) will be attending Word of Life Hungary Bible Institute. Jamin (20 yrs ) will be continuing his Bachelor’s degree and Nate (25) and Caleb (23) will be starting a Master’s degree in theological studies in view of becoming missionaries. We are thankful to say that they have a number of scholarships, however they still need a considerable amount of money. Please pray that God would provide for their needs. Thank you so much!

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