Malta Mondays 22
May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day to our American friends! And Happy Spring Bank Holiday to our UK friends! Enjoy your day off! This is a very big week in Malta as there will be an election on Saturday, 4th June. Pray that there will not be any major problems or conflicts as politics is quite divisive here. And of course that God will guide people as they vote. Thanks!

1.) We were so saddened to hear about the attacks in Manchester and in Egypt. I am sure you already have, but please do pray for those affected and for those still in the hospital.
It’s been a full but great week in Malta! I survived the dentist and SHOULD be through until next year! 😀 We met some super neat folks visiting the Coplands and felt encouraged by them. We also caught up with some fellow workers that we haven’t met with in a while and that was also super encouraging. Kathryn had three more exams and FINISHED! Earl went up to Brussels for an overnight trip to visit a friend who is a new believer. He also had a divine appointment with a friend on the way back to Malta on the plane. The Walking group had an adventure hiking down to the rocky beach you see in the photo. The church women met together on a sandy beach for a Women’s night off and to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We visited another friend and we are planning a Rummage sale to help Nathan’s school and two charities. Sunday at church one of my friend’s spoke about her mission trip to Uganda and Earl preached. I was in the nursery as we have quite a good group of preschoolers now! Then after church we had 9 friends over before 2 of them leave Malta. We’ll miss them but we are so glad they are now a part of the extended Malta family. Then yesterday evening we went and taught puppets to another church group. One of Kathryn’s friend’s joined us too! Yep- FULL week but a great one!

2.) This Wednesday the Copland’s crate is supposed to be delivered to their new but not yet complete apartment. Ask that all of this will go smoothly please! There was a huge fire at our recycling plant right near their current flat this week and they had to evacuate for a night due to the toxic smoke. And Evi learned to walk this week!!!
Nathan’s MRI was a bit inconclusive so they are now going to send him for a CT scan. This morning I went and spoke to his class and another one about epilepsy and they really listened and asked good questions. Nathan had a bad panic attack on Friday about something- it was never really very clear what the reason was but I just hated it. I ended up staying at school with him for a bit and then just bringing him home. Appreciate your continued prayers for him.

3.) BIG NEWS alert- Some of you may not know this yet but Kathryn has been accepted into Black Forest Academy in Germany this fall. It is a Christian boarding school that many of our IMB young people attend. Visit if you want to see their website. Kathryn and I will be taking a mother/ daughter trip up to see the school and visit with teachers Thursday to Sunday. Appreciate your prayers that this will be a precious time for us and that our travel will go smoothly. And of course for the boys as they are having time with Dad in Malta.

Kids Korner: Kathryn made a new friend that lives nearby while taking all these O level exams. She came with us to the puppet workshop and to stop and get a bite to eat. Pray for this new friendship. Also lift up Kathryn as she begins turning her eyes towards a new season this fall in a boarding school. She’s excited but it is a huge step for all of us. Thomas will begin half days of school on Thursday and then in two weeks he’ll begin exams- his turn! Nathan has three more weeks of school and then he’ll be finished. We have been reading as a family about Hudson Taylor- what an incredible story!

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